My name is Gerald Walters, I am running for United States Congress. No political experience, I consider that an asset. As of August 2019 Congress had an approval rating of 17 Percent. Why? Simple, it is a gridlock caused by Democrats. In 2018 the Democrats promised to work across the aisle. They were going to work with Republicans on health care, in infrastructure, and lowering drug costs. They failed to work with Republicans on anything. What we got was investigate, investigate, and this absolute crazy impeachment. Most Americans are sick and tired of this Democrat circus.

When I look around the world, I see people everywhere demonstrating and Protesting. Look at Hong Kong, Iran, Venezuela, France, and other countries. What is remarkable is they all want the same thing. They want more freedom and more democracy. They want to be more like America. Yet, I look around at home and what do I see? I see crazy, radical Democrats trying to lead us down the road to socialism. The very same thing these other people are protesting to get away from.

The elections are coming. The Democrats have proven that they absolutely will not work with Republicans. Trump has done magic for the economy. Low wage workers are getting raises faster than high wage earners. Trump has done more for lower income workers, and done more for minority communities, than any president in my lifetime. Minority unemployment is the lowest in history. I have seen more help wanted signs in the last 2 years than I have seen in the last 20 years.

Trump is moving America in the right direction, he doesn’t care who you pray to, who you sleep with or what color you are. When I look back at Clinton, Bush, and Obama, they look really sad next to Trump. If elected I will work with Trump. I will work to reduce the national debt. I will work for term limits. No one should be spending 20 or 30 years in Congress! The longer someone is in Congress the wider the door to corruption opens. I believe in what are called “citizen legislators”. That means serve a couple of terms then go home. Get out of Washington.

I met senator Todd Young the other day, quite by accident. He told me how difficult it would be to beat a 6 term congressional incumbent. I agree it would be difficult barring special circumstances. Try this on! You will soon be hearing more about the William Barr, John Durham Investigation. The intelligence agencies of the United States government were used to spy on American citizens, media people, congress people, and the Trump campaign. The FBI, CIA, and NSA tried to frame Trump with Russia collusion, and steal a free and fair election. This started before Trump was elected. There was never any Trump-Russia collusion and the FBI knew before Muller was ever appointed.  You have been fed these lies by the Democrats in the mainstream media for 3 years. That’s how long you have been lied to. Think about that!

When the results of the Barr, Durham investigation conclude, these people will be held accountable, and brought to justice. “Some will go to jail”. At that point the complexion of the 2020 elections will change. Trump-Russia collusion was a scam, the Muller investigation was a scam, the Ukraine thing another scam, and impeachment another scam, all of which failed. The election is about 10 months out. By the time we get there, honest Americans will have turned their backs to the Democrats and the mainstream media.

I don’t know how much better I could do than the other guys. I do know I damn sure couldn’t do worse.

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